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Why inbound marketing matters today

Why inbound marketing matters today

While most companies understand that traditional marketing strategies no longer are effective in today’s market, few marketing teams really grasp the importance of inbound marketing. Due to how society consumes media of all forms, inbound marketing can launch your company to the forefront of advertising and convert leads into sales. However, this is nearly impossible with traditional marketing methods; the return on investment for traditional advertising sinks every year. To keep up with today’s market, companies must invest in valid inbound marketing strategies. Why?

Inbound marketing appeals to and works with the way we consume media in this day and age. According to HubSpot, this form of marketing focuses on attracting customers through relevant media while not interrupting their browsing experience. With the invention of ad blockers, internet users today have little patience for anything that interrupts them; an ill-placed advertisement is more likely to turn people away from your company than make them look into it.

  • search engine optimization,
  • social media,
  • pay-per-click marketing,
  • relevant landing pages,
  • content creation, and
  • email marketing.

Why Outsourcing Inbound Marketing Equals Smart Investing

When considering inbound marketing, content is king. Forbes states “inbound marketing is only as strong as the content you’re creating and its relevance to your target audience ”  highlighting the fact that bad inbound marketing is just as devastating as good traditional marketing. Both are ineffective in today’s world.

  1. search engine optimization,
  2. social media,
  3. pay-per-click marketing,
  4. relevant landing pages,
  5. content creation, and
  6. email marketing.

Brands are learning the value of cultivating relationships with their consumers. For example, many people are die-hard Apple or Samsung fans when it comes to their smartphones, largely due to the brand loyalty those two companies built early on. A successful inbound marketing campaign can build a strong brand-consumer relationship, as evidenced by HubSpot’s 9th Annual Report on the Future of Inbound Marketing and Sales . Of all the marketing techniques used today, inbound marketing that focuses on quality content and correctly targets different demographics with the appropriate methodology results in increased sales and shows a greater return on investment.

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